4 Party Dips to Eat and 3 to Avoid

See where your favorite dips ranks

Check out what dips are healthiest for your party.

When the weekend comes we all like to get our party on, and nothing makes a party better than a tasty tip! From the dips that go well with pita to those that play up their own flavors, we love to graze on these finger-lickin’ tasty snacks! The problem with dips, though, is that they are mindless munchies. You pass the bowl, take a dip, and repeat until you’re scraping the bowl for sides.

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It may seem obvious which dips are the best for your health. But sorry to tell you partiers: looks can be deceiving. Your dip may contain words like "spinach" and "red pepper," but these suckers can pack a punch calorie-wise — especially since you know you are going to go over the recommended serving size (2 tablespoons?! Come on.)

So in hopes of keeping you healthy while you’re living it up this weekend, we compiled a roundup of common party dips ranked from the unhealthiest to the healthiest for your next party.


You and your guests can snack fear-free if you follow our advice!