7-Eleven Wants to Send You Into Space

The convenience store chain's latest contest offers the prize of a lifetime.

Check Into Space Contest

As a kid, didn't you always dream of taking a trip through outer space? Well 7-Eleven has recently joined forces with the social networking site Foursquare and the producers of the new sci-fi film Super 8 to make that classic childhood fantasy a reality for one lucky winner.

Hopeful space-goers can enter the Check Into Space Contest by dropping by one of the chain’s 7,000 nationwide branches and “check-in” using the Foursquare mobile application on their phone. Other prizes include free tickets to see Super 8 (which hits theaters today) and the chance at a Zero-G Experience weightless flight, but  only the lucky 888,888th “check-in” will win the once in a lifetime visit to space.

So while you may have stopped drinking slurpees back in high school, for the next month you might consider re-instating the old habit. Who knows, you could just make it to the moon if you do!

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