7 DIY Face Masks From Your Kitchen


These recipes are easy-to-make and fantastic for your skin!

Summer means plenty of sun, whether it’s soaking at the pool, splashing in waves at the beach or catching rays while picnicking in the park. But all that sun, salt and sand can wreak havoc on your skin. Sunburns are only part of the problem – sweat can leave skin dull and cause blemishes, the heat can dehydrate your skin, and chlorine can cause irritation.

Try Your Hand at These Amazing Masks at Home!

A proper skincare routine is especially important during the summer, since it’s time to pack away the heavy makeup and go au natural. But to keep your skin glowing, ditch the fancy creams and head to the kitchen!

Many of your pantry staples do double duty as skin saviors: honey is a mild antiseptic, which can help heal blemishes, and it’s also a potent moisturizer. Avocados are also a great moisturizer, and offer the added benefit of antioxidants that remove toxins from your skin. Lemons brighten and clarify skin, while the lactic acid in yogurt soothes and exfoliates it.

Here are 7 great homemade face masks, using all-natural ingredients. Try to use organic ingredients wherever possible in making the masks – pesticides and chemicals can irritate the skin and detract from their healing qualities.


When applying these masks and scrubs, always start with a clean, dry face. Generally, you should tone and moisturize your face daily, and exfoliate using a scrub once or twice a week. The recipes make enough for multiple masks, so invite your girlfriends over for a DIY spa night!