7 Cold-Weather Cocktails


A bartender mixes up a Harward Warmer at Thoroughbred Club in Charleston, S.C.

Nothing makes us happier than cold weather, scarves, and a hot cocktail in our hands. Here in the drinks department we are beyond excited to see mixologists and bartneders cathing on to the warm cocktail craze. Bartenders everywhere are heaving a collective sigh of relief at the arrival of much-anticipated cool weather. Sure, we love summer with its fruity, refreshing cocktails, but once August comes to an end we get tired of pouring bottomless gin and tonics with extra lime.

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Bartenders tend to notice a shift in patrons’ ordering habits around September, as bar-goers are more apt to try new concoctions and tastes that will warm them from the inside out. Fall brings such an abundance of vibrant flavors that bartenders go into a creative tizzy. The icy drinks of summer get tossed aside and more interesting recipes are developed as people cozy up to the bar to be warmed up. 


Some cocktails are seasonal because of their warm temperatures – not many people come in from 100-degree heat ordering Hot Toddy’s and Spiked Apple Cider, but other seasonal cocktails are essential to an interesting cold weather menu because of their fresh ingredients. Being able to use seasonally fresh fruit and juices is invaluable to cocktail nerds, and colder weather is full of fun spices and flavors that are sure to please a cocktail lover.The weather might be warm today here in New York, but believe it or not the temperatures will soon drop, and when they do, we are definitely going to follow a few of these cold-weather cocktail recipes to warm us up!