7 Clever Uses for Confetti

From cake-toppers to pre-party starters in invitation envelopes, see why the colorful stuff is all the rage

Where the confetti goes, a party follows.

Glitter, sprinkles, confetti — see where we’re going with this? We’re loving the colors that these three items provide and we’re loving their effect on the table, on your plates, and as part of the ambiance of your event or soirée.

From Invites to Forks and Knives, Add Confetti to Your Party!

While you may not immediately associate confetti with food, these days it's showing up to set the scene everywhere from cakes to cookies, and even on paper goods.

With garlands and piñatas making a serious statement in party décor in the past year or so, confetti, along with glitter, has become nearly impossible to ignore, and it's gaining ground in the world of weddings as well. Another great thing about confetti?

Wherever it goes, a party is sure to follow and you know how we feel about parties.


In honor of the colorful paper, let’s take a look at seven fun, new, and unique ways to use it at your next bash.