7 Better, More Interesting Drinks to Order on a Date

Staff Writer
Ditch your old standby cocktail in favor of these so-called "cooler cousins"

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

We already know that your drink order can tell your date a lot about you. But no matter what your poison is, there’s a classier, tougher, or more interesting option out there that will impress your date before you’ve even sat down. Here’s a guide to seven popular drinks and their cooler cousins.


Whiskey Sour → Sazerac 
Sugar, Peychaud bitters, and water with a twist. Still sweet but just a little classier. (Plus the name sounds like a druglord from an '80s action movie.)


Cosmo → Accomplice 
Cosmos are fine on girls night, but they’re not going to earn you any cool points on a date. If vodka’s your poison but a martini is too strong for you, try an Accomplice — vodka, champagne, strawberries, lemonade, and a little sugar ‘round the rim. Just try not to sound too hard-core when you order one of these puppies. “I’ll have an Accomplice.” Whoa. You want a suitcase full of money and a getaway driver with that?


Captain and Coke → Chicago Fizz 
Nothing says, “I hate the taste of alcohol, but man do I like to get wasted” like a Captain Morgan and Coke. It’s the dude equivalent of a Long Island Iced Tea. Still, if you can’t manage to shake your penchant for silly drinks, we can’t fault you that. But, you may as well go really silly. Try a Chicago Fizz — white rum, port, powdered sugar, carbonated water (that’s the “fizz” part), and an egg white. Raw eggs are tough (bring it on, salmonella!) and at the very least, it’s a conversation piece.


Stella Artois → Victory Prima Pilsner 
That light, crisp, and just a side of bitter taste you love Stella for? Victory Prima Pilsner makes it taste like a Diet Sprite by comparison. And it will get you just a bit drunker, just a bit faster.