6 Wildly Weird Food Label Fails

A bag of chips by any other name may not taste as sweet

Sometimes it's a typo, and sometimes it's just lost in translation.

The proof is, well, on the label. There are some pretty, shall we say, unappetizing food label fails lining the shelves of many a supermarket around the world.

PooPoo Smoothie

Photo Credit: Flickr/asterisktom

You might think only the smallest of food retailers get it wrong, but even big chains like Burger King have overstepped the mark. In China, Burger King had the ingenious idea of naming their newest menu item, “poopoo smoothie”…want to try? Didn't think so.

Child Shredded Meat

Photo Credit: thesun.co.uk

Maybe we’re missing something; is this meat made of shredded children, or did the children shred the meat? Whichever way you look at it, it's just not right.

Pee Cola

Photo Credit: Flickr/Rebecca

In Ghana, this popular brand of cola actually translates to “very good cola.” Thank goodness.

Only Puke

Photo Credit: organon.jimhufford.com

I wonder if the list of ingredients includes “chunks of carrots,” or “last night’s turkey dinner.” Yuck.

Fart Bar

Photo Credit: bogholes.blogspot.com

We could only take a wild guess at what the side effects of this bubbly chocolate bar might be. Either way, we aren't all too keen to find out.

Pet Sweat

Photo Credit: Flickr/Jackson Boyle

Did you ever come back from a heated game of tennis or a morning run, out of breath and dying for a drink, and think to yourself, “I could really go for some pet sweat right now”? No? We didn’t think so.