6 Ways To Spike A McDonald's Shamrock Shake

Recently, our friends over at What's Cookin' conducted a minty shake taste test with the Shake Shack Jeremy Lin-Mint and more traditional McDonald's Shamrock Shake. This got me nostalgic for those bright green, frosty treats which I haven't indulged in since before the Clinton administration.

I wanted to know if the current shake still stood up to those happy memories. And since my mind often goes there anyway, it also had me wondering what it might taste like with different spirits mixed in. I decided to revisit my childhood memories, but with an adult spin by playing Home Bar Roulette.  

I was a bit disappointed that the shake wasn't as fresh-minty as I remembered, instead it had more of a sweet spearmint toothpaste flavor, with a lot of vanilla and surprising creaminess.  

Staring at my home liquor shelf, I found what I thought would be a worthy selection: Zubrowka bisongrass vodka, Hayman's Old Tom Gin, Banks white rum, Hum liqueur, green Chartreuse, and Clontarf Irish single malt whiskey. Were they lucky charms? Read on to find out!  

6 Ways to Spike a McDonald's Shamrock Shake Slideshow.

— Amanda Schuster, TheSpir.it


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