6 Roasting Pans We’ll Be Using This Thanksgiving

The Daily Meal editors pick out their favorite pans for roasting turkey this Thanksgiving

The turkey is the main event at Thanksgiving, so update your roasting pan this year with one of our favorites.

It’s a widely known fact that most Americans spend the majority of their fall planning for Thanksgiving — inviting their families, planning their tablescapes, and last but not least, finalizing their menu. While guests, décor, and the recipes are all important, how many people think about their cookware?

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We’re thinking not that many do. With all of the costs that surround Thanksgiving — from the booze to the food — why would someone replace their roasting pan from their wedding registry 25 years ago when it’s done the job just fine every year since?

While we don’t recommend tossing away your boiling pots or sauté pans every year, we do think that some cookware could use a little updating now and then. Today, we give you six good reasons for why you should invest in a new roasting pan this year, with a roundup of our favorites. From size and durability to unusual perks, these roasting pans have our eyes glistening at the site of them, and we think they’ll convince you to update your Thanksgiving hardware, too.

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Anne Dolce is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce