6 Paleo Dishes You Didn’t Know You’re Already Eating

Going paleo isn’t as hard as you think

You’d be surprised how many of the foods you’re already eating are paleo-friendly.

Guacamole. As long as you don’t scoop it up with tortilla chips, guacamole is 100-percent paleo-friendly. Use it to top meat or to complement crudité.

(Credit: Flickr/Ivan Dervisevic)

Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa. Fish, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables all play an important role in the paleo diet, making this delicious dish a good choice for paleo adherents.  

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Carrot Soup. Lots of vegetable soups are paleo-friendly; just be sure you choose stock-or broth-based soups since creamy ones often have dairy (which isn’t allowed on the paleo diet).

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Chicken Wings. Good news for wing-lovers; chicken wings can be part of a paleo diet. Just be sure they’re cooked in a healthy oil, aren’t battered or fried, and are topped with a homemade sauce. That way, you won’t be eating any refined sugar or processed ingredients.

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Quinoa. Since paleo adherents don’t eat cereal grains, quinoa (which is actually a seed, not a grain) is a great choice. Cook it and use it just as you would rice.

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Omelets. Eggs are a good source of paleo-friendly protein as long as you skip the dairy (so no cheese!). Load your omelet up with veggies instead.

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Kristie Collado is The Daily Meal's Cook Editor. Follow her on Twitter @KColladoCook.