6 New Ways to Dress Up the Perfect Butternut Squash Soup

We define fall perfection with one of the best butternut squash soup recipes around and share 6 new ways to enjoy it

How would you make the perfect butternut squash soup?

Imagine this: the leaves outside are vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow, a roaring fire is blazing in your living room, and your favorite NFL team just scored a winning touchdown with 20 seconds left in the fourth quarter. It's the perfect fall day.

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No wait, it’s not quite right yet, because we’ve forgotten the addition of a steaming bowl of rich, velvety butternut squash soup in your hands. Ah, now that’s an absolutely perfect fall day. What’s not to love about butternut squash soup? Its warm, creamy, and buttery qualities make it the ideal complement to any chilly day, and as we round the corner to colder months, we can’t help but get excited about the soup that honors one of our favorite classic fall ingredients.

An easy dish to make, butternut squash soup relies on only a few ingredients to create that bold and flavorful result that always conjures up a few ooh’s and ahh’s. Because we’re searching for perfection this fall, we’ve taken this simple dish and dissected it to find the most flawless recipe. To create a pristine butternut squash soup recipe, we scoured our recipe boxes, the Internet, and cookbooks to compare and contrast ideas. We experimented with everything from measurements and spices to dairy products to achieve the best flavors, and we tested the best methods and techniques for getting our desired results.

As promised, the recipe we share with you today is as close to perfect as one can get. In addition to the basic ingredients most butternut squash soup recipes require, you’ll find a few flavorful additions in ours (like coriander and turmeric, to name a couple) that we have to admit, we hadn’t thought of using before. We didn’t just stop at the recipe, though. Once we settled on the best way to make the soup, we wanted to know the best way to eat it, and so we’ve included some of our favorite garnishes for the fall staple. All perfectionisms aside, this soup is truly delicious and the recipe is only four easy steps, making it the perfect addition to your perfect fall day.

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