6 Inappropriate Food Names You Have to See to Believe

Didn’t anyone give these a proofreading?

Not just any shredded meat, child shredded meat.

We have a couple questions for the folks who thought that giving their foods these poorly-thought-out names would be a good idea. One, didn’t you run them by someone who speaks English? Two, did you actually think that they’d sound appetizing, or were you just going for a laugh? We can understand the chicken Cordon Bleu balls, because that’s actually pretty funny and didn’t get lost in translation, but for the rest, we have a feeling that the folks who came up with these names were completely ignorant to the fact that they were being hilarious

Breast Munchies

It’s chicken breasts, get your mind out of the gutter.

Only Puke

Don’t worry, it’s only puke!

Chicken Cordon Blue Balls

Apparently this is a pretty common bar snack up in Rochester. It’s probably tasty, but the rest of the country calls them chicken cordon blue bites for a reason.

Tastes Like Grandma Blackberry Jam

How do you know what Grandma tastes like?

Paula Deen Butt Massage

They should probably make it a little more obvious that it’s for pork butts… unless it isn’t.

Child Shredded Meat


What kind of shredded meat is it, exactly? Child.