6 Healthier Brunch Options

Yes, 'healthy' and 'brunch' can belong in the same sentence

Tofu Mexicali Scramble

It's not an oxymoron. It really is possible to create delicious brunch dishes without resorting to the holy trinity of bacon, butter, and sausage — and they're still worth a climb out of that warm, comfortable bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon. (Oops, I meant morning.) And just because it's a lazy Sunday morning doesn't mean that the first meal has to make anyone feel that way the rest of the day.

We've rounded up something for everyone, even gluten-free and vegan options. And yes, there are a couple of egg dishes, whose nutritional benefits I think outweigh the cost in cholesterol, but if that's a major concern then they can easily be made with just egg whites as well.

Serve any of these dishes with some freshly squeezed juice and a little fruit medley for a complete meal that will energize, motivate, and satisfy while still keeping a watchful eye on that waistline.

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