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6 Florida Keys Trip Tips From the Culinary Content Network

Members of The Daily Meal’s Culinary Content Network share their food-related tips for visiting the Florida Keys
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Be sure to try yellow tail snapper, look out for the best Key lime pie, and dine on Duval Street.

When it’s cold outside, some of us want nothing more than to escape for a few days to somewhere that stays warm and sunny all year long. And one of the hottest travel destinations is the Florida Keys, a chain of islands along the coast of Florida where the weather is tropical and warm, making them the ideal spot for a getaway during the colder months of the year.

6 Florida Key Trip Tips From the Culinary Content Network (Slideshow)

When taking a trip anywhere, it’s always useful to know where to go, what to try, and what to look out for food-wise. Otherwise, you may end up making a culinary mistake by dining at a restaurant that has terrible service or missing out on a must-try local food.

For anyone who may be taking a trip to the Florida Keys sometime soon, members of The Daily Meal’s Culinary Content Network — Betsey Cohen of, Desiree Champion of, and Susan Benton of — have shared from experience a few trip tips for where to eat and which foods to try.

Cohen noted that it's fun to compare Key lime pies because nearly every restaurant and food shop claims theirs is the best. Champion says you’ll find the best places to eat in Key West on Duval Street. And Benton suggests trying the yellow tail snapper, which is only available in the Keys. Read on to find out more trip tips from these members of the Culinary Content Network.


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