6 Best Recipes to Make with Beer

You have to try these amazing beer-infused recipes

Using beer as an ingredient when you’re cooking is a great way to add tons of flavor to a dish.

Roasted Poultry
If you like cooking on your grill, you have to try beer-can chicken or turkey. A half-full can of beer placed inside the bird adds tons of flavor and moisture so your poultry is tender and delicious. Click here for a recipe.

(Credit: Flickr/Food Stories)

Who says seafood has to be cooked in a garlicky white wine broth? Beer works great too.  Click here for a recipe.

(Credit: Flickr/queenkv)

Braised Short Ribs
Beer-braised short ribs are sweet, savory, and just plain delicious. The ribs cook for several hours, giving the beer lots of time to caramelize and infuse the meat with flavor. Click here for a recipe.

(Credit: Flickr/Travis Johnson)

Cheese Dip
What could be better than beer, cheese, and bread? Seriously. Click here for a recipe.

(Credit: Flickr/Li Tsin Soo)

Battered Shrimp
A simple batter made with beer, flour, cornstarch, and seasonings is the perfect way to fry up shrimp. Click here for a recipe.

(Credit: Flickr/Jason Lam)

Have all of your favorite Oktoberfest flavors in one bite with beer-braised-then-grilled brats. Click here for a recipe.

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Kristie Collado is The Daily Meal’s Cook Editor. Follow her on Twitter @KColladoCook.