50 Pickup Lines for the Farmers Market

Because life is sexier with fresh, organic produce

1. Mmm, these honey samples are so mouthwatering.
2. I forgot my reusable bag, can I borrow one of yours?
3. Have you ever frolicked in the fields of [name of your favorite farm]?
4. What do you do in your off season?
5. I’d love to do a vegetable wash for you.
6. Are you still looking for seasonal labor?
7. Can I offer you a slice of my pie?
8. Can I help you pitch your stand?
9. It sure is hot under this tent.
10. These plums are so soft.
11. What’s your favorite way to eat rhubarb? [Wait for answer] I’d love to make it for you.
12. So, how long have you been pickling these cucumbers?
13. This bushel is so dry, let’s change that.
14. I know you make artisan cheese, but what else can you do with your hands?
15. How long does it take for your bread to rise?
16. If you were a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, I would take you home.
17. Let’s get dirty.
18. Isn’t it tuber time?
19. These bags of organic spinach would make some great pillows don’t you think?
20. Want to show me how to make steamy greens?
21. It’s funny how slippery this jam is!
22. Want to melt my beeswax candles tonight?
23. I hear lavender makes underwear drawers smell nice, does it?
24. I’ve always wanted to be a farmer’s wife.
25. That hand-spun sweater looks big enough for two to get cozy in.