5 Worst Times to Go to the Most Crowded Trader Joe’s in NYC

Because no one wants to stand on line to get into a Trader Joe’s

There’s no worse feeling than having to go outside and around the corner to find the “End of Line” guy.

Lunchtime. Want to know who wanted to pick up some grocery store sushi for lunch? Everyone else within a 10-block radius of the store. Don’t worry, the lines die down around 3 p.m. so you can fit in some midday grocery shopping right before the post-work rush begins.

(Credit: flickr/Raymond Yee)

Weeknights between 5 and 8 p.m. You and every other yo-pro (young professional) in Manhattan just got out of work and decided it’s time to buy something for dinner.

(Credit: flickr/bitchcakes)

Friday Evening. “I’ll bring some wine and cheese to the party!” No, no you won’t, because that’s exactly what everyone else had planned to do at 9 p.m. on their way to the party.

(Credit: flickr/ bitchcakes)

Saturday Afternoon. Oh you all just wanted to pick up 500 bottles of wine for tonight? Yep, everyone else wanted cheap booze too.

(Credit: flickr/Robin Lee)

Sunday Evening. All of New York decided that, after an indulgent weekend, this was the week to cut down on takeout spending, go to Trader Joe’s, and prep lunch for the whole week. At. The. Same. Time.


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