5 Underrated Foods that Never Let You Down

Even when you think all hope is lost, these foods are usually still edible

These may just be the most stable relationships you’ve ever had.

Caesar Salad. Smother a little bit of brown lettuce, some mushy tomatoes, and a sad cucumber in Caesar salad dressing and the salad will still taste delicious… just like the flawless dressing it’s swimming in.

(Credit: flickr/with wind)

Pizza. Even at its worst, pizza will always be bread with melted cheese and some degree of sauce. A slice of pizza (even a sketchy late-night 99-cent slice) has yet to let me down.

(Credit:flickr/ Dennis Wilkinson)

Hamburger. You’re at a barbecue or picnic and the potato salad looks like it’s been hanging around for a few years. Always go for the hamburger; put enough ketchup on there and you’ll forget you even had a piece of meat between the buns.

(Credit: flickr/Alexis Mialaret)

Pasta. You can’t lose with pasta. It doesn’t matter if you (or Olive Garden) forgot to salt the water; just toss it with any kind of sauce and you’ve got an edible meal.

(Credit: flickr/Christian Cable)

Mac and Cheese. The blue box speaks for itself. Put enough melted cheese (or cheese product) on anything and you’re in the clear.

(Credit: flickr/Gabriel Li)


Julie Ruggirello is the Recipe Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @TDMRecipeEditor.