5 Tips for Surviving the Airport During Thanksgiving

Follow these five tips to survive the craziness of traveling during Thanksgiving

Photo Fun at the Airport Modified: Flickr/Scott/CC 4.0

The best tip we can give? Expect the unexpected.

As probably all of us know, many people choose to travel during Thanksgiving, whether it’s to visit family or friends or take a quick vacation. During this peak season, airports can be especially chaotic. The high volume of travelers combined with unpredictable weather (not to mention everyone's priority to get both on and off the plane) can result in serious stress when everything doesn’t go according to plan.

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Ways to stay cool, calm, and collected during this stress-fest include making sure that you're fed, hydrated, and know what airport security expects of all passengers.


Airport policies are constantly changing, so it’s important to make sure you are up to date on the current rucles and procedures, specifically when it comes to what food and beverages are allowed through security (we don't have to remind you that it's the biggest food-centric American holiday, after all). If you have long layovers, best be prepared with some of our tips!

Whether your destination is a short or long flight away, we've provided our top five tips for how to survive the craziness of the airport during Thanksgiving. Click through the slideshow to read more!