5 Things That Kids Who Go To Dry Colleges Do For Fun

What do college students when alcohol is out of the picture?

 If you're on one of the hundreds of “dry campuses” across the country, you may not be playing much Beer Pong or Flip Cup.

Ah, college; four years of partying interrupted by the occasional class or two. For many students, the alcohol-fueled frat functions, house parties, and dorm get-togethers are rites of passage.. There is a downside to all this beer-soaked merriment though: Binge drinking, drunk driving, injuries, and other alcohol-related incidents are on the rise on campuses everywhere. In an effort to combat this alarming trend, one in three American colleges bans alcohol on campus and nearly 90% of campuses nationwide sponsor alcohol-free events. Many students choose not to drink for a variety of reasons in spite of the perception that college is just as much about Jell-o shots as Psych 101, and you can’t have fun at a party if you don’t have a red solo cup in hand. If you go to one of the hundreds of “dry campuses” across the country, you may not be playing much Beer Pong or Flip Cup, but you can still have a blast. While dry campuses may be leading the way in sober fun, many wet schools have alcohol-free social groups too. Here are five things kids who don’t drink do to enjoy, and be able to remember their college years.

Sober Parties

A party is a party, and the main point is socializing with your friends. Card games, board games, a DJ, Mocktails, Water Pong, and Flip Plate with pizza instead of beer are alternatives to seeing how many shots you can drink in two minutes.

Movie Night

Friends and student group organizations have movie nights whether going out or staying in.

Live Music

Most dry colleges sponsor sober concerts, dances, and other events;providing snacks and non-alcoholic drinks as part of the evening.

Intramural Sports

Many colleges have intramural leagues that allow students to take out their aggression during friendly competitions without the pressure of big time sports programs, or the need to drink.

Outdoor Adventures

Hikes, weekend camping trip, ski outings, and beach excursions are all fun and healthly activities that make for great memories.