5 Survival Secrets for Staying in an Ice Hotel

Remember these strategies if you're headed for a vacation in an ice hotel

Lola stayed in an Ice Hotel

i know what you’re thinking…there’s NO WAY lola can do it. sleeping overnight in an environment that is between 23 and 32 degrees fahrenheit. it may not sound very appealing to some but i’m here to say it’s a heck of a lot of FUN. especially with the right company!

here are a few of my survival tips for getting through the night so you too can have a kick ass survival certificate – i mean, only if you care about that kind of thing!

Uno Numero – Proper Attire

no, i’m not talking about a black tie affair or your debutant ball. i’m talking long underwear, wool socks & a warm beanie. i’m talking layers and neck gators. i’m talking bring a blanket and wear it as a wrap. plan for it to be very cold. over exaggerate – you can always remove layers.

Dos – Jager Shots

i’ll be the first to tell you that Jagermeister is a vial drink. having said that, in the very COLD environment of an igloo Ice Hotel, well, it completely works. it actually doesn’t taste horrible. it tastes good. really good. bottom line, take shots & get tipsy. teetotalers, sorry you may be cold.

Tres – Good Dance Mix

it’s ALWAYS advisable to have a good dance mix on your device. you never know when you may need this. this truth was my reality last week in the Ice Hotel. when the DJ’s iPhone lost all its juice it seemed the party was over. move over & enter DJ Pinkie Rox! boom boom YEAH. my advice, always have a Flo Rida tune on your mix. everyone’s happy & you’ll work up a mild increase in your body temp dancing.

Cuatro – Flask of Booze

i wasn’t a girl scout or anything but i’ve watched enough tv shows & movies in my time that i know a flask of alcohol should be nearby in freezing situations. i mean, c’mon, why did St Bernard dogs carry a barrel of brandy then?! i kept my flask tucked under my pillow for that “just in case” moment! honestly, i snuck a couple of sips. i’m sure that’s really no surprise.

Cinco – Sandwiches

no, i’m not talking a midnight snack in the sub-temps. i’m talking bodies smushed together to make a human sandwich. hey, it’s just good common sense…body heat & all that jazz. don’t get overly excited though. it was completely PG. everyone had their own individual thermal sleeping bags supplied by the Ice Hotel that are made to protect from extreme cold.

DISCLAIMER – staying in an Ice Hotel is something i would completely do again but apparently not everyone knew about my survival secrets and didn’t make it though the night. it’s essential to be prepared to be cold & pick the right travel companions!

THANK YOU to Snow Village Canada, InterContinental Montreal Hotel & Montreal Tourism Board for making this overnight experience extra special!

PS – many of these hilarious & fab photos are from the lovely Anita of traveldestinationbucketlist


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