5 Slurptastic Noodle Recipes

Sometimes, you want something besides chicken soup
Carb-less Papaya Pad Thai

 Chef Hong Thaimee of Ngam gives her recipe for Green Papaya Pad Thai

Pork Miso Udon
Maya Noguchi

Pork Miso Udon

With the weather turning cooler, it's time to start thinking about comfort foods again, and noodles are the perfect comfort food when it comes time to fight off the common cold. That's why we have five original recipes for you to try out during the workweek that are easy, fast, and delicious, and guaranteed to keep away the sniffles.

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Check out Nina Fomufod's Ginger-Soy Noodles, which will make you wonder why you ever bothered to order takeout. This slimmed-down noodle dish isn't slimmed down when it comes to flavor, though, so it's sure to become a weeknight favorite.

Also, don't miss out on Anne Dolce's Pork Lo Mein, which gets the star treatment with juicy, marinated pork tenderloin instead of the usual ground pork. It's a dish that everyone at the dinner table will be clamoring over.

Last, but not least, we would like to offer our congratulations to Rachel Rappaport, winner of this week's Recipe SWAT Team with her recipe for Thai Noodle Salad with Turkey and Shrimp. Rappaport is a member of our Culinary Content Network and the author of the blog Coconut & Lime.

We used rice noodles for most of our dishes, so here are a few helpful cooking tips to make sure you end up with perfectly cooked noodles, and not a goopy mess:

  • For noodle soup, cook the noodles like pasta in a pot of boiling, salted water until just cooked through and then drain. Add the noodles to the soup just before serving.
  • For stir-fry, place the noodles in a large bowl and add boiling water to the bowl, making sure the noodles are completely covered. Stir occasionally until barely softened, but don't let them cook all the way through, since they'll finish cooking when stir-fried. Drain.
  • The shape of the noodle matters. Thin vermicelli-style noodles will soften more quickly than wide, flat ones.

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