5 Shots to Take with Thanksgiving Dinner

Yep, we just invented the Turkey Back: combining your Thanksgiving meal with your liquor
Jane Bruce

The Turkey Back shot, plus Thanksgiving dinner shots.

Before you start saying we're crazy, let us explain the inspiration behind the Turkey Back, Cran-Bombs, and Pie Topper. Writer Lauren Drewes Daniels at the Dallas Observer first put the idea into our head with her "seven food trends" for Thanksgiving, which naturally included turkey-flavored vodka. "What you need to do first is track down a bottle of vodk-flavored vodka," she writes (touché on the flavored vodka trend). "...Take it home and chill it in the freezer for a few hours. As your guests start to arrive, pull off pieces of your perfectly roasted turkey (by hand), pop them in your mouth and wash down with a shot of vodka. Falalalala-lala-la-laaaaa." 

OK, we know it was a joke, but still, it put a turkey bite-sized nugget into our heads and we thought, hey — why not combine turkey with your liquor of choice? And that's where it all started. But we figured we'd skip the vodka and pair a good, salty bite of turkey with our bourbon of choice (Bulleit is a favorite at the office), and swig it down. The front-forward taste of the Bulleit, with just the tiniest hint of sweetness, balances well with a turkey bite. 

And then the shots just kept coming. Here's what The Daily Meal will be drinking this Turkey Day for an (un)forgettable dinner (complete with recipes for all your Thanksgiving menu items). Just leave the under-21 crowd and the conservative types out of the game. 

1. Turkey Back (With Bacon): Turkey  + Bacon + Bourbon

Bonus if you get some bacon-wrapped turkey for the shot.

(photo by Jane Bruce)

2. Stiff Stuff: Stuffing + Ginger Brandy

The sweetness complements the fattiness of the stuffing. 

3. The "Brussel Hustle":  Brussels Sprouts + Amaretto

Because you're probably adding some sort of almond or date to your Brussels sprouts, go really en vogue and grab the almond-based liqueur.

4. Cran-Bombs: Cranberry Sauce + Spiced Rum 

Sweet cuts sweet, no-brainer.

5. Pie Topper: Pumpkin Pie + Whipped Cream Vodka


An even bigger no-brainer. Bonus if you add actual whipped cream to the shot.