5 Recipes To Cook With Cereal

Step aside cereal bowl, it is time to put cereal to work doing other things than just wallowing in a pool of milk. I know it can be hard to imagine that cereal can do more than just serve as a basic, tasty breakfast, but it can. Have you ever tried making chicken fingers with crushed Corn Flakes, or using Cheerios to flavor a baked apple bread? Well, all of this is really possible. Here are seven great ways to get started cooking with the cereal from your pantry!

—The Naptime Chef, Babble

Learn how to make dulce de leche apple bread.





Learn how to make brown rice krispie treats.




Make your own fruit krispie kebabs.





Make whiskey ice cream with caramelized Corn Flakes.




Learn how to make peanut butter marshmallow treats.




Click here for more ideas how to use cereal in fun treats.


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