5 Reasons You Should Never Cook Naked

There are some things you just shouldn’t do in the buff; cooking happens to be one of them

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At least this guy’s wearing an apron!

Fatty foods like bacon sizzle and spatter grease as they cook. If you’ve ever gotten a hot oil burn on your hand or arm, you should be able to figure out why we’re suggesting you cover up before frying up your breakfast.

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If you drop a glass or dish in the kitchen, shards of broken glass or ceramic can fly up from the floor and cut your leg. It happened to me once — although, ironically, I was fully clothed — perhaps a reason you shouldn’t cook in shorts either!

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Though you may be wearing oven mitts and paying attention to your arms as you reach into the hot oven, your bare legs would be awfully close to the hot oven door if you were cooking naked.

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Even something as basic as boiling pasta can be dangerous. Steam can easily burn you — at the very least, it’s best to have your arms and chest covered when you’re draining cooked pasta.

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The most compelling reason not to cook naked? Your smoke detector. You’re going to feel pretty silly if you have to wait outside in the buff for the fire department to show up!

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