5 Quotes for the Perfect Thanksgiving Toast

Giving thanks made easy
Wikimedia Commons

Count your blessings this Thanksgiving season with these easy tips for your toast.

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time — between the influx of family members, the kitchen craziness of cooking a meal for a large group, and the general hustle and bustle of the holiday season, this time can seem more like a burden than a blessing.

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But that is what Thanksgiving is all about: coming together with family and friends to celebrate all the fortune that the year has brought. When crafting a Thanksgiving toast to give at your holiday gathering, don’t stress! We’ve compiled a cheat sheet of five quotes you can place in your toast this year to make your speech sound well-thought-out even if you just scribbled down some notes on a napkin before sitting at the table.


And don’t forget these few extra tips to make your Thanksgiving toast as seamless as possible: Don’t interrupt your guests while they’re eating to give your toast; intead, wait until everyone is seated with their plates right before the meal or afterward before dessert. Keep your words short and sweet; no one wants to listen to you ramble all evening. You don’t have to necessarily drink after your toast (this could be dangerous); it is fine to use apple cider or simply just raise your glass. And lastly, don’t feel the need to over-prepare; speak from the heart and everyone will be grateful for your toast!