5 Must-Haves to Keep in the Kitchen

These are essentials a mom shouldn't live without while cooking

Kitchen Tools

It would be tough for a carpenter to effectively do his work without the proper tools. And what is a sculptor without clay, a painter without paint, and pianist without a piano? They wouldn’t get very far without the "tools" that help them perform their duties.

As moms, we all have our own "tool boxes" that help us perform our many artistic tasks. I call them artistic because we are artists, better yet, creators. We create every day. Whether those creations are good or bad is another story, but we create. We’re creating memories, environments, meals, happiness, and sculpting little personalities. And how are we going to do our job without our necessary tools?

I have lots of secret tools lying around the house that literally save me every day. They make my job easier.

When I’m home, it’s safe to say I spend most of my time in the kitchen (a.k.a Grand Central Station). It’s a busy place! The floor is always mapped with a trail of shoes, socks, coats, and backpacks leading to their respective rooms and the bar is full of papers and everything else that is missing a permanent home. Oh…the kitchen. The first place in need of tools.

We all have our own list of mommy must haves!

Here are 13 things that make my life easier in the kitchen. (These are items aside from the obvious like fridge, microwave, sink, etc… which I most definitely wouldn’t want to live without!)

— mandycheney, Babble


There came a day when I didn't want to get up from the table one more time to fill a drinking cup when my kids were capable of doing it themselves. Enter the kitchen stool. Enter self-sufficient kids and enter a very happy Mommy!







Clorox Wipes

These sit on every counter in my house. Kids can easily help clean up messes with these wipes and the plus is they kill germs, too. It's just too easy!








Pencil Sharpener

This one is a personal secret. We go through a lot of pencil lead over here. This hangs on the wall like it does at school and gets used multiple times a day. I don't have to sharpen pencils anymore because they love to do it!



Not much needs to be said about a blender, other than I love hiding spinach in smoothies and my kids love milkshakes and salsa!










Keeping track of 5-minute, 7-minute, and 2-minute time-outs is not an easy task for my brain. I get sidetracked and forget to look at the clock. I need a timer going practically all day! Timed math tests, timed computer — time, you name it, I need a beep!


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