5 Most Popular Gin Cocktails

Favorite gin cocktails and how to make them

Gin is an alcohol with a mixed history.

Though the simple gin and tonic doesn't fully let on, the liquor has a centuries-long history filled with interesting quips and tidbits. With the first documented use of gin tracing all the way back to the 17th century, the common use of longstanding phrase "gin-soaked" to describe those who overimbibe is proof of this rich history in itself.

Gin is generally a smooth drinking liquor, making it perfect for mixing into cocktails. The martini is a classic example of just this.

While many now stir up their martinis using vodka and other flavored alcohols, gin is the classic martini ingredient, its smoothness and subtle flavor making for a seamless combination with the splash of vermouth and gritty acidity of olive or lemon juice.

For this famed alcohol, there is many a popular drink. Of those, we've picked out the top five most asked for and how to make them. Read on for our top five gin cocktails and be sure to let us know your favorites below.

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— Kate Statton, TheSpir.it