5 Last-Minute Dishes to Serve for the Super Bowl

You’ve done the nacho-wings routine before, so switch it up and try these innovative recipes

Don't choose between meatballs or sliders for your Super Bowl party, make them both with these Italian sliders.

Wings? Check. Chili? Check. Stuffed mac and cheese nacho dumplings? We didn’t think so.

You may have your Super Bowl menu planned out for this Sunday, but we’re here to throw a couple of curveballs at you. To give you some ideas for last-minute dishes to make, we had our friends from the food-centric YouTube channel HUNGRY share some of their new and innovative recipes. This isn't to say that we don’t love the classics — piled-high nachos and a big bowl of dip with chips always gets the job done, but if you’re looking to switch things up this year or serve your guests some surprises, we suggest you take a look at what they have  to offer.

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Do you have a soft spot for Fritos? Skip the onion dip this year and make the Casserole Queen’s Chili Frito Pie that combines another Super Bowl favorite — beer — with Tabasco and ground beef to create a mouthwatering chili to serve over the popular corn chips. We loved the recipe, and we’re positive we won’t be making another batch of chili without their "chili dump" spice blend, either. Along with Fritos and chili, a football game wouldn’t be complete without a plate of wings, but to make this year’s different, we have not one, but three, different hot wing recipes — like smoky barbecue and Asian chile — from Nathan Lippy on Grill This. And we’re not going to get into the Spicy Mac and Cheese recipe — we’ll let that one speak for itself.

Whatever kind of game day food you like, our friends from HUNGRY have created an exciting version for you to try this year. Do something different this Super Bowl and step out of your comfort zone with these five last-minute ideas.


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