5-Ingredient Soups

Make 1 meal with just 5 ingredients this winter
Carrot Soup

A meal that calls for just five ingredients? Making tasty recipes from few ingredients is often easier said than done, but if you have incredible produce and some smart use of spices, it's possible.

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Luckily, Babble has compiled a list of incredible new recipes to add to your arsenal, rounding up the very best five-ingredient soups on the Web. These are excellent soups to keep in mind as you plan dinners, perfect for winter days when you feel lazy and want to warm up with something fast and hot. From produce-heavy soups (like sweet potato and carrot) to hearty chicken soups, these are sure to become popular options for dinner.

Now that you’ve got these incredible new recipes in your repertoire, from creamy vegan soups to hearty chilis, these five-ingredient soups are sure to become classics in your kitchen! It'll make cooking for your family that much easier when it comes to grocery shopping.

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— Brooke McLay, Babble