5 Delicious Recipes for Your Leftover Matzoh

Passover is over, but that doesn’t mean your matzoh-filled menu needs to be

These recipes make use of your leftover matzoh.

Just because Passover is coming to an end doesn’t mean your (somewhat odd) affinity for matzoh has to. While strongly tied to the Jewish holiday, matzoh can prove to be a delicious addition to your cooking that spans well beyond the seder meal, and we’ll show you why with five delicious recipes.

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Matzoh's characteristics — thin, crunchy, and salty — make it a versatile ingredient to work with in the kitchen. When it’s stripped of its symbolic meaning, its firm texture can add that necessary bite to a breading recipe on your weeknight fish, its salty flavor can serve as the ying to a dessert’s yang, and its glutinous qualities can make a light dish filling and satisfying.

These recipes will help you make use of your leftover matzoh so you don't have to throw it out. Love lasagna but trying to cut some pasta out of your diet? Moistened matzoh can serve as the perfect substitute to your favorite recipe, like in our Arugula Lasagna recipe served with a homemade tomato sauce. Its layering qualities don’t just stop there, either, with a Spinach Pie and Chocolate Bark recipe, too. Matzoh can even take the place of a staple pantry item when it’s finely processed as breadcrumbs, like in this Matzoh-Crusted Salmon recipe.

So just because the family’s gone home and leavened bread has been welcomed back to your dinner table, you don't have to say goodbye to matzoh. Try these recipes with your leftover matzoh and explore all of the different purposes it can serve.  


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