5 Cutting-Edge Cooking Techniques in Restaurants

5 cutting-edge cooking techniques we are seeing in restaurants

Five cutting-edge cooking techniques that you can use at home.

Recently we’ve noticed a bunch of innovative cooking trends and applications. May be splittingand techniques cropping up in restaurants around the country. By reinventing everything from savory to sweet dishes, chefs are raising the bar and changing the dining scene from coast to coast.

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Some chefs are riffing on the pork rind craze and frying other skins like chicken and beef to a crisp. The combination of chicken and waffles is making a comeback at various restaurants around the country, and some chefs are even plating waffles alongside other types of poultry. And who would’ve thought that the traditional snack fit for hikers, beef jerky, would also be popping up on menus? Pretzels are on their way out, and in their place you’ll find biscuits as the bread of the moment. On the cocktail front, we’ve been seeing tea-based cocktails coming into their own, as mixologists across the country are shaking them up.

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To help you get ahead of the curve, we’ve rounded up our favorite up-and-coming cooking methods in the restaurant world. We're also sharing recipes from the chefs that use them, so that you, too, can be trendy in your own kitchen.