5 Creative Recipes for Green Tomatoes

Take advantage of unripe, end-of-season tomatoes

Green tomatoes are underestimated as an ingredient — but that's OK, because it means more for you.

If you've been growing your own tomatoes this season, you may have noticed a few (or a bunch, depending on the size of your tomato garden) of unripe green tomatoes hanging off the vine. Before resigning them to the compost, though, put them to better use. After all, they're all over the farmers' markets at the end of tomato season.

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The Daily Meal cooked up some great dishes using this oft-overlooked ingredient one week as part of Recipe SWAT Team. We touched on a few classics, including Southern Fried Green Tomatoes, and members of our Culinary Content Network submitted some excellent and creative recipes as well.
However, this time, we thought it would be a good idea to see what chefs are doing with this ingredient, before it disappears from produce stands. Here are a couple of highlights:

Take a walk on the exotic side with this Tempura Trout on Fried Green Tomatoes and Creamed Corn from chef John des Rosiers, who has opened several restaurants in the Chicago area, including Wisma, Moderno, and Inovasi, a contemporary American restaurant where this recipe is a popular menu item.

Or, if you're feeling like something even more cutting edge, try your hand at a little molecular gastronomy with this Japanese-inspired tomato salad from Salt of the Earth, a modernist restaurant located in Pittsburgh.

We hope you find these recipes as exciting as we do.

Will Budiaman is the Recipe Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @WillBudiaman.