5 Summer Cocktails to Make from the Culinary Content Network

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Let's celebrate Memorial Day with our favorite CCN recipes
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A rhubarb cocktail, and other great summer cocktail recipes from the Culinary Content Network.

It's no secret that we can't get enough of summer cocktails and drinks — and it's only Memorial Day. And we're more than excited to whip up these cocktail recipes from our Culinary Content Network bloggers. Check out some new exciting cocktails from the CCN:

The Aperol Spritz: The Lush Chef

No summer night is complete without starting with an aperitif. Try an easy Aperol spritz, with Campari and prosecco. 

The Fruit and Dagger Cocktail: Stir and Strain (pictured left)

What do you get when you combine sake, rosemary, grapefruit, and passion fruit? One seriously summer-ready cocktail. 

The Spicy Melon Cooler: Fun Behind Bars

Summer's the best time for a low-alcohol cocktail, and this is no exception. Made with sweet vermouth, habenero, and watermelon, the Spicy Melon Cooler is exactly as spicy and sweet as it sounds. (You'll find lots more fun summer cocktails on Fun Behind Bars, too.) 

Blue Vodka Lemonade: Dinners Dishes & Desserts

If you're spending your Memorial Day weekend binging on the new Arrested Development episodes, you'll clearly need a refreshment to go with the series. Enter in the Blue Vodka Lemonade — oh Tobias, we'll always love you blue. 

Rhubarb Syrup: Garnish With Lemon

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Rhubarb is one of the hottest cocktail ingredients right now, and Garnish With Lemon makes it easy to transform a gin and tonic (or even a soda) into a fresh and fruity cocktail.