5 Beer Cocktails We Love

In honor of World Cocktail Week and American Craft Beer Week, a hybrid of beer and cocktails

Beer cocktails we love.

Collaborations aren’t just the hottest trend in the fashion world. In fact, the newest "must-have" collection can’t be bought at Target or Neiman Marcus. Craft beer and cocktails, as implausible a pairing as Oscar de la Renta designing Fido’s bowl, are hitting both the pub and lounge scene harder than your favorite hockey players as they vie for the Stanley Cup.

Craft beer, the must-have accessory of the barbecue season, nearly doubled in sales between 2007 and 2012, according to a report by Mintel research. As of last June, there was an estimated 2,075 craft brewers in America, making it a plentiful and locally sourced ingredient next time you decide to master mixology. The "beer-tail" is the hottest hybrid since the Donkra, at least according to Mintel, which found that 52 percent of consumers, when ordering a specialty cocktail, choose beer as their ingredient of choice, higher than any other alcoholic beverage.

If you’ve spent your adult life explaining that you weren’t anti-social, but you just couldn’t drink from that pitcher or keg, because beer tastes like the water in your radiator, the beer-tail is the perfect compromise. There’s hope when there are less hops. The other ingredients round out the strong taste of the beer, leaving a refreshing beverage perfect for your beer softball league, Stanley Cup playoff party, or even, next dinner party. So in celebration of the last day of World Cocktail Week and the first day of American Craft Beer Week, check out these beer-tail recipes that will please both the socialite and the softball fan on your drink list.

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