3 'Tea-Tails' to Warm Up with This Winter

Tea-infused cocktails for chilly nights

"Tea-tails" to warm up on winter nights.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful — and you don't want to choose between a warming tea or a cocktail when the nights get cold. Fortunately, the Boston Harbor Hotel has come up with tea-infused cocktails to make your December nights a little warmer, and more spirited. 

Choose between an orange tea, cinnamon tea, and an iced apple tea (for those who are already snuggling up to someone for warmth) during the afternoon tea menu at Rowes Wharf Sea Grille. With dark, winter spirits like whiskey and brandy, you've got your weeknight cocktail menu planned.

Grandpa's Pekoe Tea

"Grandpa" is used in the name because it is the Spanish translation of the word "Abuelo," a reference to the Ron Abuelo Rum that finds its way into the cocktail. Also in the hot drink? Grand Marnier and orange marmalade, to enhance texture, flavor, and sweetness. 

Southern Cinnamon Tea

This cocktail gets the moniker "Southern" based on the addition of Maker's Mark Bourbon. The whiskey barrel-aged bitters used does not add bitterness but rather brings out the cinnamon-spiced character of the tea.

Cider, Spice, and Everything Nice Tea


This chilled, Orleans aperitif is a dry cider-apple wine infused with basil and anise hyssop, from Vermont. Together with cinnamon spice tea, bourbon, housemade apple cinnamon simple syrup, and whiskey barrel-aged bitters, this cocktail truly embraces the flavors of the season.