3 Food-Friendly Cocktails

Recipes for three fantastic drinks, plus suggestions for foods to enjoy them with
3 Food-Friendly Cocktails

Some people may have recently been questioning the validity of food and wine pairings, but what about food and cocktail pairings? Judging by these recommendations, there needn't be a doubt in anyone's mind.

We decided to turn to the experts: participants in the Manhattan Cocktail Classic (May 13th-17th, check out this cool app if you need help navigating the myriad of events). From the traditional to the more exotic, take a look at these three favorite cocktail recipes, plus suggestions for dishes to enjoy them with. 


Cocktail: The Classic Negroni

Food pairing: A platter featuring San Daniele prosciutto, olives, salted and roasted almonds, and a selection of cheeses like Pecorino and Parmigiano Reggiano.


Cocktail: Marco Polo

Food pairing: A spicy sausage like merguez with olives and preserved lemon aioli.


Cocktail: The Classic Caipirinha

Food pairing: Chef Máximo Tejada, co-owner of New York City restaurants Rayuela and Maconda, recommends ceviche as the perfect pairing partner. "The striking simplicity of ceviche — pristine fish marinated in lime juice, is celebrated and complemented by the simplicity of the Caipirinha," he says.