28-Year-Old Cheddar Is the Oldest Cheddar in America

Plus, it's going on sale Oct. 6
Oldest US Cheddar

Photo Cheese Party! Modified: Flickr/Chris Waits/CC 4.0

A man in Wisconsin discovered 28-year-old cheddar, making it the oldest cheese in America.

A Cheddar that is 28 years old may not sound appetizing to the uninitiated, but aged Cheddar is really something. And 28-year-old Cheddar from County Line Cheese in Oconto, Wis., is actually the oldest cheddar in America, and is set to go on sale in October.

Grub Street reports that County Line Cheese owner Ed Zahn found some 20-plus-year-old cheeses in his cooler, aging there under proper conditions since the store's opening. The oldest turned out to be 28 years old, which has been certified as the oldest Cheddar to be sold in America (most are around five to 10 years old).

County Line Cheese is now closed, but the grandfather Cheddar (which, full disclosure, is older than some of this writer's friends) will be on sale at Wisconsin Cheese Mart Oct. 6. While the prices are still unknown, representatives say that the Cheddar will most likely be available online. We should hope so; we'd like to get our hands on some, just to try it.


(Photo Cheese Party! Modified: Flickr/Chris Waits/CC 4.0)