22 Ways to Drink Your Dessert

Cocktail and drink recipes so sweet, you'll forget all about the dessert table

Sweet tooth galore: drinks that taste like dessert.

Look, we get it: it's that time of year when the holiday chocolates, gingerbread houses, cookies, and holiday treats tempt us to no end. And when you add wine, beer, and holiday cocktails to the mix, we're all guilty of a bit of overindulgence. 

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So instead of feeling guilty for eating the chocolate cake and drinking a calorie-laden cocktail, we've figured out how to have the best of both worlds: drinks that taste like desserts. You won't even care that you're not eating apple pie when you're drinking a Hot Apple Pie Cider, or that you're the only one not eating cookies when you're downing a Sugar Cookie cocktail. 

And we didn't forget about the kids, either: because it's the season for all things sweet, we share some favorite candy-like drinks that will keep them happy. (That includes a delectable Rice Krispies Square milkshake that even moms and dads will want themselves.) 


While we can't pretend that these dessert-like drinks and cocktails aren't diet-busters themselves, at least you won't mind indulging in one sweet cocktail. Click here to find 22 drink and cocktail recipes that are as sweet as the desserts they're inspired by.