21 Club

21 Club, Donald Trump's Favorite Restaurant, Closes Due to Frozen Pipes

New York's famed 21 Club has closed for repairs after several pipes burst from cold

The recent spate of excruciatingly cold temperatures has had some unexpected consequences, and now New York's famed 21 Club restaurant announced that it will be closed for some time due to damage from frozen pipes.


21 Club hosted a New Year's Eve celebration on December 31, but on January 3, an announcement on the restaurant's Facebook page told fans the restaurant would be closed for a week due to "unexpected building maintenance." The restaurant's phone and computer systems weren't working, but the restaurant said at the time that it expected to be open again for dinner on Monday, January 8.


It doesn't look like that will be happening though, because manager Theodore V. Suric sent an update on Friday, January 5, saying the restaurant would be closed for at least the rest of the month due to extensive damage from frozen pipes.


"2018 is starting off with a bit of adventure here at '21'," he wrote. "As a result of the unprecedented temperatures this week, several pipes have ruptured causing significant damage throughout the property. Fortunately, the majority of the artwork and our special treasures have been spared."


21 is reportedly Donald Trump's favorite restaurant. He likes their signature burger, cooked well-done with American cheese. But the restaurant is also a New York institution that has been around since the 1930s, and it has hosted every U.S. president since Franklin D. Roosevelt, except for George W. Bush. The restaurant was originally a speakeasy, and it has a huge collection of paintings and bronzes by artist Frederic Remington.


Fortunately, the damage seems to have spared most of the art, but the restaurant will still be closed for repairs for at least the rest of the month of January. In his announcement, Suric said the restaurant hopes to have its main dining room open again sometime in early February. The restaurant's private dining rooms and wine cellar will reportedly be closed a little longer than that, but the restuarant hopes to have them open again a few weeks after the main dining room, so guests can enjoy one of the 25 best wine lists in America.