A 14-Year-Old McDonald's Burger and More News

In today's Media Mix, kids who love sugar, plus the worst Brooklyn brunch rap song

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

McDonald's From 1999: Here's a McDonald's burger from 1999 that looks fairly unchanged (and not moldy), with only the pickles actually disintegrating. [HuffPo]

Kids May Not Always Like Sugar: A new survey found that sugar preferences varies depending on a child's home country and age. [Food Navigator]

Food Fraud Solutions: Sure, we may be finding horsemeat in our precious Ikea meatballs, but technology means we can raise our standards even higher when it comes to food. [Chicago Tribune]

Brooklyn Hipster Brunch: Nadia G tries her hand at rapping about Brooklyn brunches, as she throws shade on "girlies so fly with their mom jeans tush." Hey now, let's not get nasty. [Eater]


Sakura in Food: While plenty of foraged ingredients have made it onto dinner plates, flowers are still a little behind the curve. Here, some cherry blossoms to savor via eyes and mouth. [NY Times]