20 Instagram Photos That Are Actually Good

A collection of outstanding food photos from Instagram
Jane Bruce

Astonishingly beautiful food photography from Instagram.

Instagram has opened a whole new world for food lovers. Now, it’s easier than ever to share gorgeous shots of your culinary adventures, and it seems that everyone is doing it. But not everyone is doing it well. The Daily Meal is here to highlight some truly noteworthy Instagram photos.

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Sure, Instagram is great for snapping a photo of your awesome meal and choosing a neat filter, but some users take their Instagram artistry to the next level. When the mood to take a food photo strikes, more often than not you are in a poorly lit restaurant with a couple of drinks in your system, and what results is a blurry and poorly lit shot.

The makings of a great Instagram photo are pretty standard — thoughtful composition, great lighting, and of course, beautiful food. What’s nice about this app is that it makes photos taken using a cellphone look as good as possible, given the constraints of the camera. By taking the composition, lighting, and subject into account and then adding the filters available, users are able to achieve a styled and appealing picture, and some of the photos are downright stunning.

Of course, this collection is just a small handful of the lovely photos food gracing the Instagram-obsessed webisphere, so feel free to submit your picks for stellar Instagram photos.

Additional reporting by Jane Bruce.

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