15 Ways to Serve Grilled Cheese at Your Bash

A simple sandwich just won’t do when it comes to serving your guests

Switch things up and make grilled cheese a number of different ways for your next bash.

The ooey, gooey, cheesy, crunchy phenomenon that is a grilled cheese sandwich goes way beyond the diner.

Serve Up Grilled Cheese in a Bunch of Different Ways

While it will always be loved as a cozy comfort food to curl up with on a cold winter day with a bowl of tomato soup at its side, its presence at parties and events is growing.

The obvious way to serve a grilled cheese is, of course, a grilled sandwich with the cheese of your choice and a nice crust, however, when it comes to feeding the masses, creativity takes charge.

From croutons to crepes, dips to double-deckers, we’ve rounded up a serious list of 15 different ways to incorporate grilled cheese into your bash. Whether you're feeing kiddies or a house full of grown-ups, our favorite finds will have you salivating.

The best part? These recipes can work for any meal from breakfast to dinner and are easy to multiply for parties of a bigger size.


Excited? You should be.