Foods You Should Avoid on a First Date

So you planned an exit route, but what if it's going well? Food to avoid to make it work
15 Foods You Should Avoid On a First Date
Arthur Bovino

15 Foods You Should Avoid On a First Date

Let’s face it — the foods we love most are not always the best choice for a first date. Sure, eating intense amounts of delicious food together can be a bonding experience (“Remember that time we finished that entire bucket of habanero wings and then, eight months later, got married?”), but who wants to worry about food stuck in teeth, stinky breath, stains, or worse when you’re already nervous?

We asked some favorite food bloggers which foods they love, but avoid at all costs on a first date. Some answers may surprise you.


On Pasta

Sarah De Heer, editor at gave us her thoughts on the problem of pasta and getting trapped by souffle: “A lot of people recommend staying away from red-sauced pasta dishes like spaghetti and meatballs. I disagree with this. If you've got the craving, enjoy it, but order a short cut of pasta like penne or farfalle so you don't have to twirl, slurp, or deal with awkward splash-backs. You don't want to spend the night with abstract artwork on your shirt.”


On Pub Food

Sarah: “It's common sense to stay away from spinach dip (small green pieces lodged between teeth), soup (slurpable), burgers (overly sloppy, save for third date) and spicy food (don't want to spend the night in the bathroom).” (Photo courtesy Arthur Bovino)


On Dessert

Sarah: “Two things: chocolate cake sticks to teeth and god forbid you're on a bad first date, the last thing you'll want to order is the souffle — it can take forever.” (Photos: Flickr/avlxyz)


On Eating With Your Hands

Sara Schwartz, editor at weighed in on handheld cuisine and flossing on a first date: “No main-courses you eat with your hands (for example: sandwiches, pizza with toppings, fajitas)." Why not? "Bites from these dishes usually don't come away clean, leaving the door wide open for food on your face, clothing, etc.” (Photo courtesy Flickr/Jer Kunz)


On Picking Your Teeth

Sara: “Avoid fork-tender meats (barbecue!), leafy salads, and, of course, corn on the cob. Unless you're cool with picking your teeth in front of potential romantic companions, it's best to avoid these fibrous foods.” (Photo courtesy Flickr/Boston_Camera)