15 Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Make the little cabbages part of your fall dishes

The fall season is perfect for preparing these tasty vegetables.

Brussels sprouts are notorious for being one of the least-liked (and least-eaten) vegetables. But here at The Daily Meal, we love Brussels sprouts and all the nutrition that they have to offer. We believe that the key to delicious Brussels sprouts is the preparation — and with these recipes even the kids will be asking for seconds. This fall, take advantage of the little cabbages while they are in season and more delicious than ever.

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Boiling Brussels sprouts is a common way to cook them, but it happens to be one of the least flavorful. Roasting and pan-searing ensures the outer layers of leaves get caramelized, golden brown, and slightly crunchy while the inside stays tender. Another flavorful option is shredding the mini cabbages and turning them into a slaw or salad. And a personal favorite of the Cook editors is to pair the sprouts with bacon or pancetta to add succulent pork flavor.

To cook Brussels sprouts, begin by cutting off the buds and stalks. Discard any loose leaves and wash thoroughly. It also helps to select Brussels sprouts that are relatively the same size to ensure even cooking times. Lastly, it is overcooking that causes the buds to turn soft and gray and deliver that strong unpleasant aroma, so make sure to keep an eye on them.

Check out some of these recipes and try incorporating Brussels sprouts into your fall menu ideas. With these recipes, we’re sure that the vegetable will become a new favorite.

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