15 Athletes Who Are Changing the Way We Eat

Food Tank gives a nod to all the athletes who are champions on and off the court
Shutterstock, Wikimedia Commons/LaDomene13, Shutterstock

Of all the charitable professional athletes, these ones are making the biggest contribution to fixing the broken global food system.

What does Muhammad Ali have to do with food? According to Food Tank, “the greatest” boxer also ranks as one of the greatest athletes who champion charitable food causes. Today, Food Tank named “Twelve Athletes Fighting to Change the Food System,” and invited others to add to the list. Naturally, we at The Daily Meal, we couldn’t resist the offer.

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Founded in January by Danielle Nierenberg and Ellen Gustafson, Food Tank seeks to foster dialogue and initiate change in response to the broken food global food system, which seems to have as many issues with hunger as it does with obesity.

“The mission of our website and organization is to highlight stories of hope and success,” said Nierenberg. “And to establish a platform for other organizations to create better dialogue on these issues.”

Nierenberg noted that hunger issues, to many, seem too immense and faraway for any one person to fix. But, as Food Tank’s list shows, inspiration to get involved often comes from unexpected places. Several professional athletes are making a name for themselves in the food world as well by promoting causes targeting hunger, malnutrition, and obesity. 


“We ask for folks to let us know about other sports teams athletes they know about,” said Nierenberg. We thought of a few in response, how about you?