15 Asian-American Thanksgiving Recipes

Try these Asian-inspired dishes for Turkey Day

Incorporate spicy and bold Asian flavors into your Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving is full of culinary traditions. From roasted turkey smothered in gravy to green bean casserole topped with crispy onions, Americans cherish their favorite Turkey Day dishes. For many, however, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to reinvent classic holiday dishes and introduce different cultures into their homes.

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With a melting pot of different cultures and culinary customs prevalent throughout America, Thanksgiving is a prime time to explore cuisines and ingredients from different parts of the world. This Thanksgiving, we focused on Asian-inspired cuisine and incorporated many of the cuisine's spicy and tropical ingredients into a menu that sticks to classic Thanksgiving dishes and flavors, but with an Asian twist.

The dishes created take American favorites like sweet potatoes and cranberries and remake them with Asian flare. Try fried sweet potato and turkey dumplings, hoisin sesame green bean salad, and a cranberry sesame salad, for example. Turkey is kept as the main ingredient, but it's reinvented with a cranberry plum glaze along with ginger-spiced turkey meatballs. For dessert, classic pumpkin is still at the forefront, but it’s in the form of a Japanese-inspired eggroll with caramel sauce.

These are just a few of the Asian-inspired dishes that we’ve rounded up for this Thanksgiving. Introducing different cultural cuisines into your classic holiday feast is a delicious way to incorporate bold flavor and spice while still maintaining familiar menu items. Check out some of these recipes and embrace a different culture this Thanksgiving while still celebrating a holiday that represents American tradition.

Special thanks to Chef Kathy Fang of Fang Restaurant and Lounge for developing these recipes.


Emily Jacobs is the Recipe editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @EmilyRecipes.