13 Uses for Lemons You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Squeeze as much as you can out of this versatile citrus fruit

Stock up! You'll want to try all of these new uses for lemons.

With their shiny dimpled rinds so bright they seem to glow, lemons have long been loved by interior designers for their ability to look graceful and chic when piled high in a bowl. They are, of course, widely prized in the kitchen, too: lots of chefs keep one or two lemons on hand for an easy acidic addition to a sauce, salad dressing, dip, marinade, or seafood dish. And the list doesn’t end there. What, other than a lemon, has the power to brighten a tangle of spaghetti, improve a favorite cocktail, turn into candy, and smell fabulous on top of it all?

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But lemons are even more versatile than we give them credit for, and it is high time that we think about how we can use them outside of their "traditional" venues.

Try them in the kitchen as an unexpected solution to tarnished pots and pans or as a powerful sanitizing tool (the acid in lemons makes them handy cleaning tools). Have a wedding or big event coming up? Lemons could make unique decorations and accent pieces when transformed into golden votive candle holders or distinctive floral bouquets (run a few of them down the center of the table at your next picnic). However you choose to use them, lemons are sure to add some surprising zing.

Whether you decide to string them together, hollow them out, slice them in half, squeeze out their juice, or shave off their shiny yellow rinds, we bet you have never thought of using lemons like this. As an added bonus, lemons are so inexpensive that you can try any of these new uses without having to worry about breaking the bank.


Grab a sack or two (or three) of the citrus fruit the next time you’re at the grocery store and get creative!