13 Most Popular Room Service Items In America

Room service is a luxury and a true hallmark of traveling. Having a piping-hot meal delivered right to your hotel room lets you know that you've arrived. It's comforting, nourishing, and downright convenient. To find out what travelers were ordering, The Daily Meal reached out to hotels across the country to see what dishes topped the list of in-room best-sellers.

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Some of the results were surprising. Who would have guessed that Maryland crabcakes were the most-ordered dish at a New York City hotel? But others were totally expected, like the fact that guests at a Washington, D.C. hotel known for hosting business professionals were most likely to request a healthy yogurt, fruit, and granola plate.

Although room service is typically thought of as a lazy morning treat, breakfast foods only represent six of the 13 items on our list. When it comes to room service, it turns out that comfort, not time of day, is the bigger factor in determining what guests will order. And the majority of the most popular room service items on our list are, well, comfort foods — pancakes, eggs, burgers, and pizza all make an appearance, but regional differences also tend to influence menus. For example, Rhode Island visitors prefer their hash with some lobster, while travelers in Texas often request Mexican-influenced huevos rancheros to start their days.

Regardless of the location, travelers across the country can probably agree that ordering room service can make you feel more at home, and not to mention, satisfied. Check out this list to see what topped the list of most-requested in-room dishes.

Teresa Tobat is the Washington, D.C. travel city editor for The Daily Meal. View her website at teresaktobat.com. Follow her on Twitter @ttobat88.