The Time-Saving Spice Tip That'll Make Cooking Dinner So Much Easier

Have you ever counted how many spices are in your spice rack? Back in 1950, the average was 10, but now it's grown with households generally holding 40 spices and herbs. (If your jars aren't reaching this average, then you can always check out this handy exotic spice list to boost those numbers.) As cooking at home has increased, so has our range of spices. While it can be satisfying to gaze upon the multitude of spice lids in awe, it can also be time-consuming to find which one you really need.

Instead of messing around with tens of spices every time you make your favorite dish, why not make spice blends ahead of time? Every time you can't be bothered to season or spice your food, you could be compromising on taste, and as a result, your overall satisfaction could be diminished. This tip will help you make a speedier meal, as well as add to the overall ease of the cooking atmosphere. So pull up your sleeves, it's time to revolutionize your spices and make cooking (and eating) more enjoyable.

A spicy hack

Pre-batching your favorite blends is extremely efficient and will save you plenty of time. If tacos are a weekly occurrence, a spice blend is a savior. The seasoning usually uses eight ingredients: smoked paprika, cumin, pepper, salt, dried oregano, chili powder, garlic powder, and onion powder. You only need a clean metal or glass container — do not store them in plastic — a grinder or pestle and mortar, and a funnel. It's as easy as that and slightly therapeutic too.

It's also best to make some attractive new labels to go on each blend. Not only will it save you time cooking in the kitchen, but spice blends are also great to take camping or if you travel frequently and don't necessarily have all the usual kitchen supplies. It's also immensely helpful to know that you can adjust the size of the blends, making the exact amount of seasoning that you wish. Ultimately, the greatest advantage of this spice tip is the opportunity to make it uniquely yours.

The world is now your spice blend

Let's be honest, everything tastes better with a little seasoning, so think bigger than just tacos. The moreish bagel seasoning with the addition of garlic powder and sesame can be a tedious mixture to create every time you fancy it. However, once you've pre-made it, you've got the perfect accompaniment for scrambled eggs, fries, or even roasted chicken. As well as this, you can't deny that a pumpkin-spiced blend would exceptionally improve those chilly autumn lattes, and once it's premade, you no longer have to give it a second thought.

It doesn't need to stop at spice blends either — you could easily use it to pre-build your own DIY rubs. It can be seriously irritating to run out of rub seasoning halfway through preparing your meat, but with a blend made in advance, you'll never have this issue again. Not only that, but you'll proudly now be able to declare, "This is my very own recipe." Get ready for some serious bragging rights! The next afternoon you have free, get creative and make some of your favorite spice blends. When you see how much you'll start using them, you will never look back.